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  1. Hey I cannot read any of this and this may be the wrong place for this, but it’s the first place I found out how to write in. I’m looking for some more information on my boat. I have a 1967 Karlskrona viggen. She is number 88. My great uncle Gordan bought her brand new and she has been passed to my dad about 20 years ago. We just gave her a new paintjob and whatnot. However it’s very hard to find anything on these. I’d love to know. I love this boat. Anything would be fantastic if anyone sees this!!

    1. Hello Christopher! This is a good place for you and your Karlskrona Viggen no 88. Feel free to ask questions and we will gladly try to help you! I will, in some weeks, open up a discussion forum here, but you can aswell use e-mail for technical help and solutions done and approved by other Viggen owners (this Club have been active for over 40 years, and we have gathered some knowledge during this time).

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